The best credit cards without annual or foreign transaction fee

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Method one: online research

Internet is literally flooded with credit card information. A simple search in terms of "credit card offers," "low cost credit cards," "best credit cards for 2019/2020," and "free credit cards" will yield hundreds of useful items, most which include comparison charts, graphs and other graphics to help you decide which card is best for you.

When you perform a search like this, remember to write the date of the article. Card terms and "offers" change frequently. That "no annual fee" card presented on an authorized website two months ago could have an annual fee. It always helps to verify any information you find in a comparison chart of different credit card charges.

Also keep in mind that a seemingly objective article about credit cards could have been funded by a particular card issuer. Always try to keep the financial websites you trust.

However, using an authorized website that has recent credit card information is a good starting point. Locate the cards, according to our example, without annual fees and financial charges of 15% or less. It should be easy to find at least three cards in each of those categories. Enter the names of the cards, the address of the issuer's website and the issuer's phone number. You will need all this information later.

Verify all data on each card by calling the issuer or visiting the corporate website. Most companies that issue credit cards will include a page on their site where the legal "fine print" or card contract appears. Expand your page and read the terms of the contract. It will contain all the data you need.

At this point, all you need to do is decide which credit cards with no annual charge and with a financial charge of less than 15 percent seem better. Some consumers like to call the card's customer service number and see if the representative is courteous and informative. It's just another way to discover the best cards. Do not forget that you can combine this method with the next strategy for optimal results.

Method two: call the card issuer

If you have a favorite credit card on your wish list but your rates seem too high, it is possible to call the card issuer directly. Explain that you are looking for, for example, a card with no annual charge or one that has a financial charge of 15 percent or less. Let's say you would like to register to get your card if the rates were lower. Many card companies will exempt a particular fee if you agree to transfer a balance to your card.

Sometimes they will simply reject your proposal, but it never hurts to ask. Many consumers have been able to reduce some points in annual fees, limit rates and other rates simply by calling and being proactive with the credit card representative.

The last word about credit card rates

Be an informed consumer when it comes to credit card fees and charges. Never be afraid or in too much hurry to read card contracts. Information is power, especially in the credit card market. As long as you know what you want and know what types of card offers are available, you will be in an ideal position to get the best credit card offers and save a lot of money in the process.

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