Everything you need to know about Curve

Is the curve map free? Everything you need to know about Curve

With Curve, you can Charge all your cards in a smart card and an even smarter app. So you can experience our amazing features like 1% instant curve cash, our Killer FX rates and you can even Go back in time to change the map used. That may sound too good to be true … It will cost you something, right?

We are glad that you did not spend a penny for most of the customers most of the time.

Curve blue is your gateway to financial freedom innovative signature features you’ll love: all your cards in one, Go back in time, Killer FX rates on travel and 1% Instant Curve Cash for an introduction 90 days. Well Send it to you for free and there is no monthly subscription to pay. You just get fantastic features and benefits.

The reason why we can not say that “curve is free” is that there are occasional costs when shopping abroad or withdrawing foreign ATMs.

  • Do you like travelling? Who does not? Travel, however, can be difficult if you are blind to exchange rates. Our killer FX courses are incredibly competitive. With our premium cards, we give you access to the benefits during the week Interbank rate – which is simply the same course banks use to transfer money between themselves. At weekends, We are taking the price from Friday 23:59 and will charge an additional 0.5% for all transactions in GBP, EUR and USD and 1.5% for all other supported currencies. You can read everything more finely Details of these fees can be found here.
  • If you enjoy your travel experiences, you’ll be glad to know which Curve card you can use them for Withdrawals of ATMs abroad. With Curve Blue, ATM withdrawals are free during the week for up to GBP 200 / month. Curve Black payouts are free for holders of Curve Metal cards up to £ 400 / month and £ 600 / month. After these limits, you will be charged £ 2 or 2% per withdrawal, whichever is higher. On weekends charges may apply.

If you decide to upgrade to Curve black or Curve Metal, You pay a monthly subscription fee to take advantage of advanced features and exclusive benefits to discover a whole new world of financial freedom.

For only £ 9.99 (€9.99) per month, you can get Curve black – Your ultimate travel companion. With Curve Black you get AXA travel insurance plus gadget insurance for your phones, tablets and laptops – you do not want to travel with other people. You also get the chance to earn Curve Cash from your 3 selected dealers for an unlimited period of time.

Our biggest card yet is our beautifully brushed 18g Bend metal Card (in 3 different colors to choose from) and for only £ 14.99 a month, this card opens the door to an unparalleled shopping experience. With the chance to earn Curve Cash of 6 of your chosen dealers indefinitely. You get all the cover you get with Curve Black, and with car rental insurance, your rental car is protected during your trip. They are also treated like kings around the world LoungeKey access to the airport lounges,

As you can see, we offer you a range of innovative and fantastic features that you can experience at all levels. With curve, Whichever card you choose, They bring a whole new meaning to financial literacy and equip themselves with the best tools to bring to the world.

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