Forest Fruit Lasagna Recipe

Forest Fruit Lasagna Recipe

This forest fruit lasagne is one of those simple desserts that we should not miss.

this one forest fruit lasagne It is one of those simple desserts that we cannot miss. Lasagne is an Italian-inspired dish that is characterized by being formed from multiple layers. In this case we will make a sweet version in which the fruits of the forest are the main characters. We will use blackberries and blueberries that will help us to give color, taste and good feelings to a simple basis. The crushed cookies with a little butter and a good yogurt will give us the most remarkable triumph in a colorful and delicious dessert. Dare to try it with these simple steps.


  • 400 gr blackberries
  • 100 gr cookies
  • 50 gr butter
  • 300 g of cottage cheese
  • 400 gr blueberries
  • 300 gr natural yogurt
  • How to prepare a forest lasagne

    1. This type of layered dessert is very fashionable in restaurants and houses. Aesthetics and health are sought, based on fruit and natural ingredients without too much sugar. It is important to prepare the cups to be able to place this miracle immediately.Forest Fruit Lasagna Recipe
    2. We crush the cookies in a bowl, we must be as finite as possible, they will separate the lasagne layers.
    3. We melt the butter in the microwave and mix it with the cookies. We can experience a little more pleasure with a spoonful of chocolate powder, although this largely depends on our taste.
    4. We put a spoonful of this mixture in each glass, we squash well with the spoon so that it is perfectly placed.
    5. We continue with the cottage cheese. We can use if we like a bit of spreadable cheese, it's a perfect way to get a taste and creaminess, framed by exceptional healthy ingredients.
    6. We add the yogurt and beat a little until ready the cream that will cover the lasagna with glory. At this point we can add more or less sugar or add some honey, taking into account that fruit also has their sweet spot and cookies.Forest Fruit Lasagna Recipe
    7. Mix until we have a delicious creamy sauce. We clean the fruits and cut them into small pieces of the same size, we can macerate them a bit.
    8. Add the cottage cheese with the yogurt and cover with the fruit. We put another layer of cookies and the cream on top. We crown the ground fruit and some grated white chocolate. We have prepared an elegant and healthy dessert.

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