Cannelloni recipe for chicken and cheese

Cannelloni recipe for chicken and cheese

This cannelloni with chicken and cheese is easy to cook and is spectacular.

this one Chicken and cheese cannelloni They are easy to cook and are spectacular. With a few simple ingredients we can make an impressive snack that will make the whole family fall in love. We will use chicken fillet, a part of this animal that is less fat than the others, an ideal protein to ensure that we combine perfectly with the creaminess of a different base of every kitchen. The cheese gives this cannelloni just the perfect filling full of taste and pleasure. If you want to enjoy a combination of winning flavors, pay attention to how you can make a number of cannelloni from breast and cheese that are destined to succeed.


  • 18 cannelloni plates
  • 2 chicken fillets
  • 6 onions
  • 60 gr cheese
  • 6 tablespoons oil
  • nutmeg
  • Go away
  • pepper
  • Prepare cannelloni with chicken and cheese

    1. This recipe the we can prepare any part of the chicken, is ideal to put a worthy end to that meat that we have in the fridge. The first step will be to get all the ingredients.Cannelloni recipe for chicken and cheese
    2. Let's get started with onions, we peel them and cut very thinly. Thanks to them we get a filling full of good feelings.
    3. We do the onions with a generous dash of olive oil to poach. We are interested that they remain very tender. We put the nutmeg salt and pepper in half to get color and taste faster.
    4. While we prepare the onions, we will prepare the chicken. We will cut or chop it. We can do it in a meat grinder to get a luxurious filling or leave it in pieces if we want notice what cannelloni is made of.
    5. Add the chicken to the onion and fry it. In this simple way we almost have the incredible filling of some cannelloni that they do not forget.
    6. We continue with the cheese, when the chicken is cooked, we add it. We are interested in a perfect fusion with the rest of the flavors.
    7. We prepare the cannelloni slices, we let them soak or cook, depends on the manufacturer.Cannelloni recipe for chicken and cheese
    8. We fill the cannelloni with the mixture and put in a baking dish. We can cook them with a little baked tomato and cheese or use the classic bechamel.
    9. Gratinated a few minutes before serving. We have some cannelloni ready with an incredible taste and texture that will impress. We just have to try them and enjoy them with the best companies possible.

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