Basil Mayonnaise Recipe

Basil Mayonnaise Recipe

You can have a delicious basil mayonnaise in a few minutes and with few ingredients. Try it now! Here we tell you step by step to enjoy.

Learning to prepare basil mayonnaise is very easy. The result is a soft dressing, a beautiful green color, that works wonders with home-made hamburgers or a rich salad. The French call themselves makers of mayonnaise or mayonnaise, but in reality it is a Menorcan invention. The inhabitants of the island of Menorca seasoned fish and other meat with an oil and egg yolk sauce. When the count of Richelieu tasted the sauce, he was immediately fascinated by the taste. He took her to France and called her & # 39; sauce mahonnaisse & # 39 ;. Over time, the recipe became perfect and became what we all know. Although the base is egg and oil, mayonnaise can be flavored with other ingredients. In this case a vegetable that perfectly combines: basil.

Basil mayonnaise is special for another reason. This vegetable, used as a seasoning for countless dishes, is unique in health-promoting properties. Among them is the vitamin D content, very good for the eyes. It is also rich in compounds that help strengthen the immune system and reduce stress. Basil is also an effective remedy for headaches and digestive problems. The pleasant taste and the intense aroma make it ideal for refreshing the breath and removing tooth decay, because it has antibacterial properties.


  • 250 ml of oil
  • 2 tablespoons chopped basil
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • Go away
  • How to prepare basil mayonnaise:

    1. To make basil mayonnaise you need a blender, blender or something similar. Thus, the texture is creamy and homogeneous without much effort, and is less likely to be cut.
    2. Place the chopped basil in the glass of the device, mustard, yolk and vinegar. The latter can be replaced by white wine.Basil mayonnaise
    3. Start beating while you pour the oil in the form of wire, very carefully.
    4. While the oil is being poured, the mixture takes shape.
    5. Add a pinch of salt and keep beating until you reach the right consistency.
    6. Pack basil mayonnaise in a jar and store in the refrigerator Until the moment of use.
    7. Add more oil if more is desired.

    One of your homemade dressing recipes must be basil mayonnaise. Conquer the first bite! Surprise your guests with tasty sandwiches spiced with this preparation. It will surprise you.

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